Co-Creating Your Ceremony

Each ceremony is different, of course, because the people at the centre, that is you, your relationships and circumstances are different.

Our initial meeting is likely to be a two or three hour conversation as we explore your ceremonial purpose and intention. I listen carefully to you.  Together we form a friendly working group as we apply ourselves to the task of co-creation.  We discuss your ideas, share stories, question each other and explore every aspect, nothing is excluded.

Gradually the ceremony begins to reveal itself.  We develop tasks and a time frame and meet, in person, by phone or Skype and exchange messages and emails – whatever is required and works best.

Whilst I have experience of making a large number of rituals and ceremonies, I have no preconceived ideas about how each one should be composed and conducted.   The work is a co-creation, each situation is fresh and new and the final ceremony is yours.

I email you a first draft of the ceremony, which you edit and return to me. We communicate further through meetings, email and telephone as required. I develop an additional plan to address any special needs of guests and to ensure that the ceremonial experience is as harmonious and enjoyable as possible for everyone in attendance. I meet with people who are important in the ceremony.

I visit the site of the ceremony with you as we design the ceremonial layout and choreography, consider sun and shade and develop alternatives in case of inclement weather. I may also assist with briefing and coaching participants.

The day before the ceremony, we conduct a rehearsal on location, with the central people and others of importance to the ceremony.

On the day of your ceremony I arrive early to meet support people, performers, technicians and key guests and assist with the setup.

After your ceremony I send a personal letter with a simple, white paper copy of the ceremony.

I have written in A Celebrant’s Notebook about the history of civil celebrancy, my training and process for co-creating ceremony, with vignettes which illustrate my approach.  You can buy it here.

You can read more about me, including my personal history and details of my career before becoming a celebrant here and testimonials to my work here.

I have collated links to services that I personally recommend (and with whom I have no business affiliation) on my Links pages. They include my favourite florists, caterers and locations. I’ve listed a range of services and locations for Brisbane here, and caterers and locations at Maleny and the Sunshine Coast Hinterland here.