Testimonials – Namings and Other Rites of Passage

“Anna officiated at the naming ceremony for our daughter Flora and we feel so indebted to her for the beautiful memories that we have of the day.  We were able to work with Anna to have the ceremony that we truly wanted, instead of being pushed to adopt ceremonial aspects that were contrived or that were dictated to us. We found this a wonderful blessing. With Anna’s deeply insightful comments and suggestions to guide us in its creation, we were able to profoundly appreciate the purpose and meaning of the ceremony. The ceremony was therefore deeply moving for us and we will always be truly grateful to Anna for the incredible care and sensitivity with which she performed her role. Having experienced Anna’s work, we are looking forward to future occasions when her ceremonial expertise will allow us to honour significant life events in a special way. We heartily recommend Anna to you as a celebrant who will infuse the important occurrences of your life with poignant meaning, flowing spirit and boundless love.”
Claire and Tony

“A highly intelligent person, Anna is capable of quickly ascertaining and resolving issues and makes positive and professional connections at all times. During her time in my employ, I found her to be a diligent, sensitive and caring person who always put the welfare of others to the fore. Well organised and thorough, Anna greatly assisted me with a number of ceremonies and events I’ve held in my electorate. Anna is a deep thinking critical thinker and I value and welcome her incisive opinion.”
Andrew, former State Member for Mount Coot-tha

“I wanted to do something significant and meaningful for my 50th birthday. It was a major milestone in my life and I felt a need to somehow acknowledge the lessons learned and achievements reached so far, and also imbue the next phase of life with a sense of purpose and meaning. I had a few basic ideas of a community meal around a campfire, but felt a little lost with it. Talking with Anna was a Godsend. Her experience of acknowledging life with a strong background of country values and realness was very grounding and inspiring.  Anna put structure and form to the ceremony, steered me through the awkwardness of compiling my life history and collaborated over the values I wanted to make happen. The result was the most enriching experience I could have imagined, it touched my core. Anna is a superb MC and brought heart and authenticity to the evening. Under Anna’s guidance, a full moon and over a bonfire dinner, people who mattered to me spoke words of affirmation and challenged me to move more into my strengths and purpose. I also had the opportunity of addressing and reflecting to each of my friends the beauty I saw in them. I still look back on that evening as the most meaningful birthday ever, and would encourage anyone to seek Anna’s organisational skills, insight and warmth for humanity to turn a special event into something that will enrich the Soul.”