Testimonials – Weddings

“We got more out of the preparation than we expected.  You helped us reflect on our relationship and our values, giving us the end result of a meaningful ceremony … there is nothing we would have changed.  Thank you for creating such beautiful memories for us.”
Anna and Tony

“It was an amazing ceremony, we couldn’t be happier.  It was personal and true to who we are as a couple. We were completely happy with the process. Our ceremony was what we wanted and Anna conducted it exactly how we would wish, plus more!  Your approach is calming and caring. We enjoyed your relaxed nature and compassionate approach. We were nervous, but you calmed us each step of the way. I would recommend you: I would say that your nature was your most positive asset to others. Kind and calming, caring and fun. We would like to thank you for making the ceremony so enjoyable. Both of us had the perfect day, but the ceremony made the wedding day for us. We wouldn’t have believed it would be so beautiful – so thank you so much.”
Justin and Liz

“Our ceremony was personal and well delivered. It engaged our guests and made our marriage feel very special. Anna met with us on several occasions, but most importantly, really took the time to get to know us. This was evident in Anna’s preparation of our love story. The process was right for us; Anna told us it would be an ‘organic’ process and it was. Our sessions with Anna got us talking about what we did and didn’t want. Her approach got us to talk about the ceremony and to work out what suited us as a couple.  We were also aware of the formalities necessary thanks to your advice and organisation.

We have spoken about our ceremony and both feel it was everything we had hoped for – personal, moving and, for us, very profound. We would absolutely recommend Anna’s services on the basis that the service is so tailored to the individual or couple. This is what we were looking for and think that it makes a special occasion so much more. Also because of your professional conduct and warmth. We can’t thank you (Anna) enough. We loved our ceremony and have you to thank for writing it and putting together all our thoughts and desires.”
Nancy and Johnathon

“The ceremony was sacred, meaningful and inclusive. Having so much time to talk in our preparations was really great. The process of the design, writing and conducting of the ceremony was excellent; especially fitting in all the elements we wanted. Spending the time to talk about our story meant that the ceremony was very meaningful. If you want a ceremony that you will remember forever – Anna is your woman!”
Melissa and Tnee

“We have had a lot of positive feedback. We believe the story of our meeting allowed for an intimacy with our guests; they constantly commented on the warmth and their connection to the ceremony. Delivery was excellent.  Your approach allowed us to bring you into our world and share our life with you. Encouragement during the ceremony was a beautiful touch. It was very community oriented. You work well with bringing crowds together, you wrote our story brilliantly and articulated it well in the ceremony. Thank you for an amazing and memorable event of our life.”
Zidia and Andrew

“You made us feel comfortable and unrushed so that we were able to relax and clearly convey our wishes. We loved every aspect of the ceremony.  I would say to others that you were perfect in every way. You made our girls feel comfortable and included which was wonderful. I would like to add our sincere thanks for a job well done. You really listened to us and gave us a ceremony and a happy experience – which was exactly what we wanted. Quite simple and uncomplicated but nothing was overlooked.”
Ainslie and Rob

“The ceremony, preparation and process were excellent. We had a wonderful day and are both glad you were there to guide us through it. Organising an event from afar is always difficult; you helped make this easy with frequent emails. All of the prompts and examples along the way gave us the information we needed to help us put our own ceremony together. Meeting in a café, and having a great ‘getting to know one another’ chat was a great relaxing introduction. Perfect for us!”
Jareth and Leah 

“Anna assisted us to put the ceremony together. We really enjoyed the process to ‘Take time with her’. Anna also helped considerably with the unpredictable events. We celebrated a wonderful part of our life together. She helped us overcome some pretty tough obstacles on the day: nothing we could have planned for. We wish her all the best with her glorious and colourful future.”
Arosha and Robert

“The ceremony exceeded our expectations. It was wonderful to get to know and trust you. Everyone has commented on such a beautiful ceremony and celebrant! You were very easy to talk to and it made it easy to trust you. Rob (marrying for the third time) felt it was the first time he was to marry and he commented that it was the first time he was involved in the planning. We have already recommended you to others. All our friends commented that your delivery of our service was so personal and it was wonderful that it involved everyone – thanks. Thanks for the most wonderful day of our lives. You are truly an angel Anna.”
Krissy and Rob

“We were a little nervous of making the ceremony as personal as it was, but your guidance was ‘spot on’. The ceremony exceeded our expectations. You were open with our discussions and guided us towards thinking about what we really wanted. In recommending you to others, we would say if you wanted a relaxed, personal and open ceremony which involves, not only the couple, but the whole congregation, use Anna.”
Lena and Steve

“My partner and I wanted a very personal ceremony, although we really had no idea how to go about it. Anna looked after everything. She met with us on several occasions to discuss all the details, it seemed as though our ceremony was just as important to her as to us. Anna wanted to know about us, who we were, our likes and dislikes, who we were individually and who we were as a couple.

Anna didn’t just ask these questions she really listened to the answers and from our meetings she was able to write the most perfect, personal ceremony we could have imagined. Anna also sent us ideas for readings. My partner didn’t want to wear a ring, so Anna suggested perhaps he might wear a pendant instead, all the little details that we had no idea about, Anna thought of everything that was unique for our day, she wasn’t locked into any kind of formula. It was all about what we wanted and what suited us. From the minute we met I knew Anna was perfect for our ceremony and by the day of the wedding I felt like we were old friends… I highly recommend Anna for any sort of service, whether it be a wedding, funeral, or an anniversary celebration, in fact I believe Anna could perform any kind of ceremony for any type of person she has a wonderful ability to listen and is passionate, caring, honest and fabulous!”
Sheridan and Mark

“The ceremony turned out beautifully, but it was a bit different to what we had planned – mostly because we hadn’t been able to rehearse it and check on the layout of the space due to the weather!  Still, it was magical and meaningful. The preparation helped us to centre our thoughts and feelings – even though there were some unexpected changes to the ceremony, we were still able to maintain that sense of centredness – thanks Anna! We enjoyed the process – your initial meeting with us helped us to think about what we wanted and how to express the nature of our relationship and love.  Your approach helped us to remain calm throughout even with a few hiccups along the way. Mostly, your approach helped us to get in touch with the deeper meaning of the ceremony and acknowledge the significance of marriage.  We recommend you to others – you understand, respect and are able to create and convey the true nature of ceremony. You are flexible about how this is expressed – yet still maintain the meaning and dignity required. Thank you so much – we really appreciate your guidance and the way you honoured what was true for us. Your calm and reassuring presence made us feel at ease throughout.”
Tamara and Michael

“We found the ceremony to be a deeply spiritual representation/reflection of what was important to us as a couple and to our families.  Anna’s calm, considered, reflective process really made us do the ‘hard work’ of establishing our priorities and expressing our feelings. Anna went over and above for us in all aspects of the preparation. (Anna’s approach assisted us in) …exploring the fundamentals of our relationship, both good and bad, and helped us more as a couple. We also found the process of drafting and the way you allowed us to make it our own and hone the text made the day feel deeply personal. …Anna is truly passionate about helping people craft life ceremonies that are filled with meaning, love and spirituality. Our experience was deeply moving for us and our families and we highly recommend her to anyone.”
Alison and Roland

“The ceremony was extremely easy and relaxed. We wanted a sense of importance to the ceremony while still retaining a light hearted atmosphere. Anna understood exactly what we were after. We had a very enjoyable and comprehensive preparation. We found Anna’s conversations cathartic and reassuring. We enjoyed and benefited from her recollections of past experiences and memories and her open minded philosophy.  We would recommend Anna’s services to anybody who is interested in a celebrant with a very holistic, possibly alternate ceremony. Anna cultivates a warm and comforting atmosphere and cleverly, subtly encourages self reflection.”
Bec and Sean