Threshold Choir

The purpose of the Threshold Choir is to sing gently for people of any age at the thresholds of life, from birthing to dying.

Choir members generally sing in threes, in harmony and unaccompanied.

Conceived in 1990 and founded in 2000 by Kate Munger in California, Threshold Choirs have spread across America and farther afield, in over 200 communities around the world. Those in the Pacific and Southeast Asia are in Kailua/O’ahu HI, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Phnom Penh, Auckland and Christchurch.

In Brisbane, our choir sings at various ceremonial gatherings: a wedding, a birthday, at bedsides for those who are ill or in the last phase of life, a funeral and a gathering to inform the community about the people held in detention at Manus Island.

Brisbane Threshold Choir practises fortnightly at Sussex Street Uniting Church, West End.

If you are interested in joining Brisbane Threshold please call our Director Ann Bermingham on 3371 6507 and have a chat.